Are you ready to start your on your journey to true health?  Learn tools and techniques to help you manage injury and dis-ease, develop new daily, habits and rituals that are sustainable.  We don’t believe in quick fixes or sacrificing your health for the future.


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About Us

Welcome to Strength and Soul, we’re Kev and Jo. Our purpose is to help you recover from injury and illness.  We listen, observe and use every tool in our toolkit to help reverse your symptoms. 

Jo specialises in working with women with lower back pain, hip pain, digestive issues or hormonal imbalances. Exploring the root cause of disease and creating a treatment plan to ensure you can manage your condition and that it does not come back. 

Through Ayurveda, yoga, treatment, herbal medicine, energy medicine techniques blending ancient science and wisdom with modern scientific research.

Kev is a therapist, Ayurveda Massage Therapist and Head Chef when it comes to retreats and events. Kev and Jo work together to create recipes for clients.  Kev’s passion is to supports retired athletes to recover from the after-effects of sport and help them find their purpose. You can find out more over at RAPTOR.

We share our knowledge and expertise in the practice of yoga. Ayurveda, treatments and use food as medicine to help you reach your goals. 

Together we run retreats, offer treatments and can be found exploring nature with our golden retriever Riley and Dalmatian Pele. Our mission is to explore the root cause of illness to ensure it’s manageable or does not come back while educating you about your unique and individual qualities.

Educating you about your unique and individual qualities, teaching you techniques, meditation, yoga, breath, recipes, cooking and daily routines. 

We get results so you can go out there and live your life without daily pain and medications. 

There is no quick fix. We’ll teach you how to create a sustainable body TODAY and not sacrificing your health for the future. 

Kind Words

Let us help you move from pain to possibility

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We hold regular live workshops on various topics inluding digestive health, your unique mind / body type and women’s health. 


This library holds our advice about health, food, remedies, yoga, seasonal living and client stories. Please make a cup of tea and stay for a while.

Kinetic Chain Release is how we started our journey in 2013; We use it as a basis in almost all of our appointments with our clients. We find it to be not only an excellent assessment tool but hugely effective at bringing the body back into balance/alignment and alleviating pain

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Meet us in person, at the Steading, our treatment space and studio located near Biggar, South Lanarkshire. 

Treatments, 1:1 yoga therapy sessions are available

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